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About Bimot

Established in 1986, Bimot is a market leader in production and promotion of major theatrical and cultural events in Israel.

Distribution and Promotion
Bimot is a leading ticket master, distributing and promoting all major festivals, shows and sports events from Israel and abroad. Bimot is the major distributor for the Jerusalem Theatre and the Israel Festival and provides tickets for all of Jerusalem's cultural institutions as well as major events across Israel.

Theatrical Production
Bimot takes part in the production of theatrical events and shows. In recent years, Bimot has been involved in the production and promotion of top shows and musicals such as "The Producers", "Guys and Dolls", "Chicago" and others…

Import of Foreign Performances
Bimot imports major shows from around the world for tours in Israel. Among others, Bimot have imported "Cirque Eloize" and "Waterwall" for performances in the Israel Festival, as well as "Tao" and "Pilobolus" for nationwide tours.

Event Production
Bimot operates an event production department which provides creative and planning services for major corporations and government agencies. Bimot has produced dozens of gala events, conventions, festivals and exhibits for organizations such as Partner Communications, Amdocs, IBM, Microsoft, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Education and more...

Bimot 02
"Bimot 02" is the marketing branch Bimot, providing sales, marketing, training and telemarketing services for major corporations and organizations.